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But before you fill up your workout bag, we’re going to start with a disclaimer: when it comes to the gym, training is goal number one. This means you don’t have to do anything special other than to start working out! The point is, absolutely do not let yourself avoid going to the gym today because your workout gear hasn’t arrived, or you haven’t ordered it yet. You will feel better walking out of the gym after a training sesh – at least a much better feeling than walking in. That said, there are a few key things that might make your workout experience better.

Gym Ready offers a renowned and current collection of men and women’s workout accessories, sourced from the most coveted and trusted Australian and international brands. With everything from gym gloves to weight lifting straps, resistance bands to water bottles, gym chalk to massage tools and more. Every product you see has our backing, and if we didn’t give it our tick of approval, we wouldn’t dare to offer it to anyone.

We hope that whatever you find on our website will help enable you to break through plateaus, torch more calories, build extra muscle, and recover faster from workouts. Using workout gear as a reward for building healthy workout habits and sticking to your diet can be an excellent way to reward yourself with things that reward you back. Far better than fast food after a workout or a new video game – get yourself a reward that encourages you to keep levelling up. Whether or not you use your gym gear as a way to level up, there’s nothing wrong with gearing up so you go to the gym with confidence and excitement – just don’t let it be the limiting factor.

Sincerely, we do hope that whatever you find will indeed contribute towards your health and fitness goals. Train hard.