Gorilla Grip Chalk 283g


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Medium chunky chalk with some powder.
Product Details

Gorilla Grip Chalk 283g by Friction Labs is a medium chunky chalk with some powder. Designed for the extreme demands of all grip-dependent sports. Gorilla Grip Chalk 283g is stripped of fillers and artificial drying agents that are common in generic chalk. Its high purity Magnesium Carbonate makes a single application far more efficient, giving you exceptional grip whilst keeping your hands drier for longer.

  • Clean, non-toxic, pigment-free Magnesium Carbonate chalk that’s safe on hands.
  • Silica-free.
  • Stripped of fillers & artificial drying agents that trash your skin.
  • No additives.
  • Resealable coffee bag packaging.
  • Perfect for weightlifting, indoor & outdoor rock climbing, bouldering, hang-board training, kettlebell, CrossFit and pole grip.
  • Available in three blends suited to different texture preferences: Unicorn Dust Chalk, a mostly fine powder blend with small grape-sized chalk bits. Bam Bamfor those who really like to break it up in their hands; is super chunky with some powder. And Gorilla Grip, which is in between; medium chunky chalk with some powder.
  • Not into loose chalk? Check out the Secret Stuff chalk cream.
  • 283g (10oz).
  • Made in Colorado, USA.