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Gym Ready Peanut Massage Roller 15cm


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Gym Ready Peanut Massage Roller 15cm is a high quality massage all-rounder that can help relieve muscle tension across the body including feet, hands, arms, neck & back. Made from hard PVC material, Gym Ready Peanut Massage Roller 15cm can be an effective foot massage tool or great for relaxing muscles pre or post-workout, or if you regularly sit or stand at work.

  • Can help relieve muscle tightness & soreness on hands, feet, neck, shoulders, arms & back.
  • Suitable for use before or after exercise, or if regularly sitting or standing for work.
  • Hard/firm elastic spikes.
  • Inflatable port.
  • 15cm x 6.5cm.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Made in China.