No Tie Shoelaces


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Never tie your shoes again. With Lock Laces, you can slip your shoes on and off with one hand. Simply take out your existing shoelaces, replace them with your lock laces with your feet in the shoes, trim them to fit and lock them into place with the fastening system. The trim-to-fit design makes Lock Laces a one-size-fits-all. So whether you’re an athlete, senior citizen or busy mum, we can guarantee you that Lock Laces are more comfortable and easier than the shoelaces you have in your shoes right now.

  • Firm-but-flexible elastic laces stretch, so you can easily slide your shoes on without damaging the heel of the shoe.
  • Easily adjustable tension to tighten or loosen your laces.
  • The double-eyelet lock device makes it easy to make adjustments and holds your laces in place.
  • Trim-to-fit design makes Lock Laces a one size fits all.
  • Each packet contains two 48″ elastic laces, two lock devices and two cord clips. Suitable for lacing up one pair of shoes.
  • For instructions on how to install and use Lock Laces, click here.