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Throughout your busy day, you often end up slouching or hunching over without realising it. Overtime, this can compress your spine and also tighten your chest and neck. Your upper back might also end up weaker because it’s not engaged properly. As a result, it can leave you with having poor posture, and sometimes pain. The Posture Medic Original is a posture reminding resistance band that helps you stretch, strengthen and stabilise your back. It helps to stabilise your posture by holding your shoulders further back, reminding you to ‘straighten up’. The posture medic can help to develop the habit of straightening your back and shoulders. And you can do so without missing a beat!

  • Using the Posture Medic for a short and simple 10 minute stretching and strengthening program can improve your range of motion and upper body strength, helping you to to straighten up and stand tall naturally.
  • Increases your range of motion by loosening tight muscles, thus allowing you to straighten your back.
  • Targets the muscles in your neck and back that help you to maintain proper posture.
  • By wearing the Posture Medic Original as a dynamic brace, you can retrain your body to maintain the ideal position:
    • head up
    • straighter neck and back
    • an open chest
    • shoulders back and down

Most people feel the difference in just one use. Tip: We recommend wearing the Posture Medic Original for short periods of time initially, to get used to the new posture. This is especially important for those with quite-rounded posture as the changes will be more dramatic.

The sizing chart does not take into account body type. If your height and weight puts you near the boundary of two different sizes on the chart; those that are ‘tall and thin’ should choose the smaller size, whereas those who are ‘short and stocky’ should choose the larger size.