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Straight-up pressure and control. The slender design of the RAD Rod minimises surface area so you can fine-tune your pressure without pain — even on bony areas like the shins. The sturdy build allows you to dominate areas with thick tissue (hamstrings and quads), or you can use it on the usual suspects, like your calves, back and IT bands. It’s stainless steel core offers no-nonsense control at every level of intensity you could ask for. A thin, 360-degree layer of soft, EVA material pads the length of every RAD Rod to give you the freedom to use it anywhere — from thick, meaty leg muscles to more delicate, boney areas like the shins and forearms. Try it and you’ll see: a thin, portable myofascial release tool that provides concentrated release and maximum relief on tight muscles.

  • Stimulates and opens muscles to make your stretching more effective.
  • Rolling clears the after-effects of exercise by pumping nutrition into the muscle and moving waste products out.
  • Reduce your chances of injury.
  • Improves adaptability so your body is capable of responding to the demands of your lifestyle.
  • Doesn’t bend, break or give in when you give it your all.
  • Thin diameter that offers less surface area (and therefore more pressure), plus the ability to work precisely into small spaces.
  • Materials: Stainless steel, EVA foam and silicone.
  • Dimensions: 21.25″ (54cm) x 0.75″ (2cm).