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Rad Roller Stiff has a hard texture & bends less in the middle so you can turn it sideways to apply around your pectoral muscles & adductors. Precise enough to target almost every muscle in your body. With regular use, the RAD Roller Stiff can help loosen up your muscles, bust out knots & improve posture.

  • Harder texture than the Rad Roller Original – less bend in the middle.
  • Designed to create functional point release all along your spine without putting painful pressure on the spine itself.
  • Can turn sideways to apply to areas such as your pectoral muscles & inner legs. Including calves, hip joints, IT bands, glutes, arms, feet, under the shoulder & deep tissue in the neck & back.
  • Crafted around the curves & structures of your anatomy to achieve the most effective SMR experience possible.
  • When used regularly, the RAD Roller Stiff can create effective, long-lasting results by improving posture and making muscles more limber.
  • Materials: Silicone, latex free.
  • Dimensions: 12cm x 6cm.