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Resistance Bands Set of 11


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The Resistance Bands Set of 11 by Fit Bands are a great substitute for working out most muscle parts out of the comfort of your home, in the office or outdoors. You can tailor your resistance level with five adjustable weight resistances. It comes with two ankle straps, two foam handles, one door anchor attachment and a carrying pouch. Allowing you to emulate many workouts that you would normally do at the gym for chest, glutes, legs, back, shoulders and arms.

  • Great alternative to weights training.
  • Can be used for many workouts such as chest fly’s, chest & shoulder presses, shoulder lateral raises, squats, donkey kickbacks, bicep curls, triceps kickbacks & extensions and many more.
  • Workout from the comfort of your home, in the office or outdoors.
  • 11 Piece Set which includes:
    • 5 resistance bands (5 different ranges of resistance)
    • 2 foam handles
    • 2 ankle straps
    • 1 door anchor attachment
    • 1 carry pouch